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Greetings and salutations! Welcome to my home on the Net. On this welcome page you can either skip to the links or the thoughts at the bottom of the page. So glad you stopped by!



If you haven't seen Dexter's Laboratory on the Cartoon Network yet, YOU MUST. Weeknights at 8 pm Eastern...this show is terrific. I just saw it for the first time and I found it incredibly funny. I insist that you watch. In fact, I demand it. :-)

Bridget Jones' Diary--it's about me. It's about you. It's hysterical. I love her to death.
assorted books by Enid Blyton--Picked them up in Canada. Yay for Patti's discount card!
Beloved--by Toni Morrison. Stream of consciousness is so hard for me to read but it's wonderful.

"Bert and Ernie's Greatest Hits" (no, I'm not kidding!) Also "The Best of the Manhattan Transfer", "Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me" by The Cure, and my Schoolhouse Rock box set.


Saving Private Ryan--I'm not exactly sure what to say about this movie. It's an amazing accomplishment at the hands of Steven Spielberg. Brilliant performances by people like Tom Hanks, Ed Burns, and Tom Sizemore. And it's absolutely horrific. No matter how many people tell you about the first half hour, you cannot possibly be prepared for it. Spielberg spares nothing and the way it's filmed slams it home even more. Once again he's managed to make what people would call an "important movie"...and you need to see it.

Armageddon--One word: CRAP. Please let me save you. Don't waste your two hours on this drivelly script and bad acting. The special effects are not worth your money, no matter how good they are.

Mulan--I wish I worked for Disney. They had a great story. They had pretty good animation. And they screwed it all up with hideous music and character voices (Eddie Murphy?? Playing a Chinese dragon??) that didn't fit the story. If they're not careful, they're going to return themselves to the Dark Ages of animation, when they were doing things like taking one of my favorite books (The Black Cauldron) and turning it into one of the worst adapations of all time.

TV: Let's talk about assimilation, shall we? Have you ever noticed that once you become friends with people, slowly they begin to take over your life? Before you know it you're saying things like "track" and "smell you!" and "run like the dickens". You're posting on AOL boards in yellow. You're leaving the country for conventions. You have new books you didn't discover on your own. You own five pairs of overalls and twenty-five different shades of nail polish, including three with glitter. You're using words like "visceral" and "cathartic". You find yourself at movies you didn't think you'd enjoy. And twice a week during rerun season, you suddenly find yourself taping Buffy the Vampire Slayer when just a few scant months ago you were ripping it apart mercilessly. You're still ripping it apart but somewhere you are aghast to find yourself enjoying it on some subhuman level. And then, just when you thought the horror could not grow, J/Cers don't produce fic for awhile and you find yourself seeking out Buffy fic as a strange substitute.

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Here's my latest discovery, though I've hardly begun to read yet. Anyone with really good recommendations should email me.


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