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Oh well, I guess I should start with a few things about myself.... my name is Bradley Torr, I am 20 years old and I live in Sydney, Australia, home of the 2000 Olympics. I am currently working as a shipping clerk in a freight company, which I find a stimulating occupation.

As for my hobbies, well, there's attempting to learn new languages (but for some reason I am seldom successful), surfing the net, reading science fiction novels, staying up late watching those trashy late night talk shows like David Letterman and In Melbourne Tonight, banknote collecting (daggy, yes, but rewarding :) ), licence plate spotting (even daggier), travelling the world (I wish...), and oh yeah, we can't forget El Silverado, that is, the Mighty Ford Laser... I picked it up through the classfieds back in July for only $A6,000: probably the best buy of my life! My car and I have already had some fun times together.... I will place a picture of my car up on this page shortly. I haven't done any of the things with the car that I promised myself I would do when I bought it, like buying new tail lights and fitting a spoiler.. but I did put on some of those funky Euro style plates! (No, I am NOT a yuppie!!)

I also like to spend some of my little spare time on an internet chatline called Forest, and my nickname there is Hydra. This is basically a telnet talker: to access it, all you need is a telnet program (the standard Microsoft one will do, but there are much better to be found all over the net).

I also have some pictures now up on the web (however, the page is still in the stage of fine tuning), you can access the photos by clicking here.


For all those who really really would like to hear my pathetic, obnoxious, whining, pompous voice, you may do so by clicking here.


" You can choose your friends but you can't choose your relatives" - Anon

Oh well, here are some links to a few friends that I've chosen: