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David House (

Senior Artificial Intelligence Engineer
The MITRE Corporation

Room S4323, Reston Building (as shown here)

M.S., Computer Science & Engineering, Oregon Graduate Institute, 1995
B.S., Computer Science, North Carolina State University, 1993

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Master's Thesis

Spoken Language Access to Multimedia ( SLAM ):

A Multimodal Interface to the World-Wide Web

Spoken Language Access to Multimedia (SLAM) is a spoken language extension to the graphical user interface of the World-Wide Web browser Mosaic. SLAM uses the complementary modalities of spoken language and direct manipulation to improve the interface to the vast variety of information available on the Internet. To make the advantages of spoken language systems available to a wider audience, the speech recognition aspects can be performed remotely across a network. SLAM is believed to be the first spoken-language interface to the World-Wide Web to be easily implemented across platforms.

Postscript versions of an associated Masters Thesis [197 K] and Technical Report [95 K] are available.

For the curious, here's a (currently outdated) copy of my resume.