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In the city of Foshan (Guangdong, China) a new manufacturing facility has been built. This facility will manufacture in-flight systems for the major airliners in world. This is one of the first factories of its kind in China. This factory will carry certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and China Aerospace Aviation Corporation(CAAC).
The company: Alexander American Aviation Industries Inc. (AAAI Inc.)

I was born in Guanzhow,China.I moved to Hong Kong when I was a small kid. I studied primary and junior high school in Hong Kong. In the sixties, I moved to Peru, South America. I studied high school (High School Prom Homepage) and university in Lima, Peru. In the late seventies I moved to Canada.
speak Cantonese Chinese, Spanish (Castellano) and English.
I am a graduate Mechanical/Electrical Engineer from the Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria del Peru.
I have designed a double parking system which allows parking two cars in the space of one.

My hobbies are:
Play Chess
Reading and studying about Astronomy
Designing and inventing mechanical things
Horse Riding

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In Search for the Origin of the Universe
To see a picture of the Cobe Satellite press here

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