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I used to be soooo small.....

I was born on February 4, 1985 in Blue Lake, California. My old folks had two litters on the ground and out of all those puppies my mom chose ME. She was so happy to take me home that she cried. We've been together ever since and do just about everything together. My very favorite thing was always to go with my mom when she went horseback riding but I can't keep up with the horse anymore so I go for walks in the woods instead. I have been sprayed by a skunk and quilled by a porcupine (that was AWFUL) but it's worth it to live in the country. I have a huge yard and I share it with my Boxer friend named Max who lives next door. Sometimes I feel a little jealous of Max but mostly we're friends. We used to have three cats but they're gone now; I'm not sure what happened to them. AND my best friend for four years was an Irish Wolfhound (boy are they BIG) named Cuchulain but he's buried in the yard now.

Would you like to see pictures of me and my family and some of my friends?


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