G'day and Welcome.

As it is in real life...
I moved in ages ago
and still have boxes lying all around the place. Checked back in January 2004 and still have boxes. Yikes.

My interests are:
my husband Jeff
my dog Jacob
(the little darling in the background),

DACHSHUND puppies,
Java programming.

This is a beginner page and is
continually under construction.
Scroll down for a silly Java Applet
and a photo I took in Sydney, Australia.

; Registration code (if you have it) ; Optional URL link when applet is "clicked". ; Reglink opened in new frame? ; Name of new frame for reglink ; Statusbar message ; Image to load ; resolution (1 .. 8) ; Light effects ("YES" or "NO") ; Auto design ("YES" or "NO") ; Density of fluid (2 .. 6) ; Number of fishes (0 .. 2) ; Cross effect ("YES" or "NO") ; Factor of cross effect ; Size of circular rain (0 = OFF) ; Circular rain factor ; Size of square rain (0 = OFF) ; Square rain factor ; Fixed drops ("YES" or "NO") ; X coord of fixed drops ; Y coord of fixed drops ; Size of fixed drops ; Factor of fixed drops ; Optional image over applet ; Over image X offset ; Over image Y offset ; Memory deallocation delay ; Task priority (1..10) ; Min. milliseconds/frame for sync Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java. ; Message for no java browsers.


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Email me at sandran@unforgettable.com in the meantime.
Please come back soon and visit me.

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