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This page is dedicated to my sister Brenda
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About Me!

My name is Kim.I am 25 years old. My birthday is Oct. 5 1971 My husband's name is Dan. I have two children 6 and 4 (Jen+ Vicki) and my 14 year old step-son Joe. We live in Salem NH. I saw Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing in Washington DC in 1984. It made my dreams come true for seeing a Panda in real life. I was sorry to hear when I think Ling-Ling died in Dec.31,1992. My hobbies are collecting pandas,Ham radio, crafts and latch hook.My favorite and wedding song is Unchained Melody. This page is also dedicated to Dan, Joe, Jennifer and Victoria.

Panda Info!

Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing arrived in Washington D.C. on April 16, 1972. Ling-Ling was born in 1970. Hsing-Hsing was born April 1971. Ling-Ling means cute little girl. Hsing-Hsing means bright star. Common play for pandas are: somersaults, headstands,lateral rolls,and head and body shaking. You could say they are gymnists. Common foods for pandas in the wild are flowers,vines, grass, and some animal matter. The pandas at the zoos eat: rice gruel, corn meal, milk,apples and carrots. Boy are the cute when they eat and sleep. The red panda (lesser) eats no steams only leaves and shoots in season. They eat wild cherries,gooseberries,and a few other fruits in the autumn. The red and giant panda have been in debate if they are related for centries. They have similar features and some different. The similar ones are the both have the same skull,teeth, and forepaws but the red panda does not have the sixth digit. They also different in size which make researchers question the relativity. Ailuropoda Melanoleuca is the scientific word for panda meaning cat-footed and there is no other animal in this genus except the large black and white kind. Ailurus fulgens is the scientific word for the red panda meaning fired colored cat. Pere Davis was the first to discover the giant panda in 1869 in the wild. He feels that the giant panda is a bear. Alphonse Milne-Edwards proclaimed the panda was closer to a raccoon. I say how ever you feel thats the class. To me they are in a class of their own.

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