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The Buzztown Barber Shop is your on-line barber shop for information about all the latest short haircuts for men - crewcuts, buzzcuts, flattops, ivy leagues, tapers, fades, high and tight, Caesar, military cuts.
"there's many a man hath more hair than wit"
William Shakesphere, A Comedy of Errors, Act II, Scene 2
They are called "traditional men's hairstyles", "real men's haircuts", and they're in. But what's the difference between an "ivy league" and a "high and tight"? What is a "landing strip" and do you want one? What is a "number two clipper blade"? How do you tell your barber what you want? 

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In the Chair ... (Last updated Mar 16, 1999)
The Cuts and Other Terms Defined (Nov 27, 1997)
The Gallery (Jun 20, 1999) New!  More photos coming up soon too!
Experiences (Jun 20, 1999) New!
The Printed Word (Mar 27, 1999)
Barber Shop Listing (Jun 20, 1999) New! Even more listings soon!
Products (Mar 16, 1999)
The Buzz Updated regularly
Links (Mar 27, 1999)
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