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Richard's Quest
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by Hexen

"Whomever you are or whatever you do,
when you wish anything firmly enough,
it is because this was already born
from the Universal Soul
where everything is created.

That is thy Quest on Earth".

Hi there, welcome to my home in Cyberspace.

This page is dedicated for those who like me
are in a Quest of their Personal Legends.

You can begin your journey either by clicking on the suggested links
or by following your heart,
else, feel free to wander around.

I hope you find this place suitable for your personal interest and/or amusement.

Any questions you have about items
found or mentioned here,
don't be shy, send me an email

and I'll be more than glad to help you.

By the way, you are the

visitor who beam's into my Humble Abode in Cyberspace.

Out of the Dark and Into the Light

Enter my Virtual World

Last Update: March 05th, 2000.

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