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Here is a slot-1 motherboard review of the Delta MP2-BX-X.  This is Delta's first attempt at the motherboard market.  It is a cheap board and offers many neat features not found on more expensive boards.

In other news, Intel will be releasing the Celeron 433 next Monday.  Expect CPU prices to drop from both Intel and AMD.  Intel will drop the price of Celeron processors to accomodate the new flavor, and AMD should be quick to follow.

Here is an interesting review of a High-Decoupler (Silent Serpent) from Concept Manufacturing.  The unit boasts improved overclockability and reduced noise.

I am in the middle of testing a couple of very neat stuffs.  The first one is a Celeron 400 in PPGA.  The other one is a review of an ASUS P2-BD (dual Slot-1 MB).  Also, I have rigged up two Celeron 300A's PPGA for SMP in the ASUS MB using two MSI 6095 converters.

The ASUS Super 7 board is still sitting on my bench to be tested, but I just do not have the time.  At this point, the new Intel "stuffs" are more interesting to test than this board.

In other news, AMD just announced the release of the highly anticipated K6-III (Sharptooth).  This gives the K6-III a head start over the PIII by a full week!  Congrats AMD.  I just hope that AMD can produce enough chips to satisfy demands.  Gateway also announced that it will use the new AMD chips.  I expect AMD stocks and market share to increase with the new chip.

Intel, on the other hand, is not standing still.  The PIII will be released next week.  Also, the Celeron 433 will be released shortly, sometime in March.  Then the 466 version is expected to follow sometime in Q2.

Although it has been high touted that Intel will put an end to overclocking soon.  My sources say that Intel will not do that at least until (and maybe not) their next generation of processors at .18 micron.  Much of the rumor has been false and my friend at Intel is still backing my theory up.  Also, Intel has a good indication of the size of the overclocking community.  If you guys remember back about 3 months ago, many hardware sites (NOT HAMMER COMPUTING) were advocating the registration to Intel that the Overclocking Community is strongly against locked CPU's.  Well, those that submitted the registration are making it worst for the rest of us.  The reason is that now Intel has a better understanding of the Overclocking Community size and the sales lost due to overclocking.  This is the info that I got from my friend at Intel.  It is unfortunate because I do not see a point to submitting such fruitless information.  Let's look at it; Intel dominates the CPU market.  People (both you and I) will still buy Intel's chips regardless if they are locked or not.  I do not think AMD has the capacity (at this time or in the short future) to produce such high quality chips to please the Overclocking Community.  This is just my thoughts on overclocking and locked processors.

Okay, enough of my babble.

As promised, HAMMER is back.  I just finished a review of the AMD's new K6-2 400 using the CXT core.  Hope you guys (or gals) like it.  Let me now what you think.

On a side note, I am trying to finish up on the My Computers link.  I know many of your are asking me what I use and I am trying to get that done.  It's just very hard when most of your components are always moving from one system to the next for testing. :).

Also, I just added a Guestbook section on the page.  Please feel free to stop by and leave a message.  Please, only use appropriate language since this page is dedicated to all.  I always welcome constructive criticisms but please keep the page clean!
That was a nice vacation that I had.  Sorry about the lack of updates.  Actually, I have been drowning with work the last month and a half.  I barely had enough time to sleep.  But the worst is over.  And HAMMER is back.  I will try to post a review this week.  All should be back to normal.



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