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Ladies , You do not have to live in an abusive Marrige, Just search this page go to the links find All of the phone numbers and call for help... Even if the phone numbers are from a state that you are not in they will help you get to the right place...Most men that are abusive to thier spouses are also abusive to thier Children....Many are abusive in a different ways... But please make the move to get out of that abusive relationship...Check below on what to do....

BATTERED: What to do...

In an abusive relationship? Help is available. Most communities have shelters for battered women and hotlines. Hotline numbers are usually listed in the business or government section of the phone book under "Battered Women" or "Abused Women."

If you are involved in an abusive relationship and feel you are not able to leave, consider some or all of the following safeguards:

Without telling your abuser, attend a support group meeting.

Set aside some money so you have cash immediately available if you need to get away fast. Keep enough money on your person to pay for a cab to a safe place.

Make an extra key to your house and car and keep them with you at all times. Also have a list of phone numbers to call in an emergency. In case you have to leave quickly make sure your car always has sufficient gas, and back your car into your driveway or parking space if a quick departure is necessary.

Confide in a neighbor and work out a signal system in case you need assistance like a designated window shade pulled to a certain position could mean the neighbor should call the police.

If guns are in your house try to get rid of them. If that is impossible, unload them and keep the ammunition in a separate place or throw them out. (If you do not know how to safely unload a gun, have someone with experience do it for you.

For more information on abusive relationships, write: The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Dept. P, P.O. Box 18749, Denver, Colo. 80218-0749.

Libraries should also have books on this subject. Ask your librarian for recommendations.

Courtesy of Women's Connection Online, McLean, Virginia 1-800-WLC-4YOU.

If you write a letter to your abuser either signed with your real name or a fictiticous name, Email it to me and I will post it and not reveal your real name..Update... Feb 10, 1999, Dick has improved his relationship with both daughters and his ex wife. At first he turned his youngest daughter against her mother but now after 2 years he lets her visit her mother every other weekend. He is even civil to his ex. At first he demanded that if she couldn't get the house refinanced after a year he would get the house. But to his surprise She was able to get it refinanced. Maybe he is geting wise in his old age.

If Anyone has and Interesting Page that you think should be on this page Email the url to me and I will check it out...If you want to put up a picture of your abuser Email me and we will see about putting it up for you..

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