The Outspoken Video Site has moved to it's new home at

In October of 97 Outspoken Video was merged with New Horizon
, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing hands-
on learning experiences in top-quality professional film, video, and
theatrical production for beginning artists from outside the cultural
mainstream. These efforts include independent and alternative
productions with GLBT, minority, feminist, and/or art-oriented

Outspoken video is now an ongoing project sponsored by New
Horizon Artworks and will continue its activist, change oriented
mission by providing production and post production assistance
and consultation to GLBT organizations as well as producing
original programs that Speak Out for Social Justice.

Over the past few years I have discovered that being out to family,
friends and co-workers is not quite the same as being out in the
world at large. Being out in a homophobic world is often a fearful
proposition at best. Speaking Out against bigotry and intolerance
wherever it is encountered can be downright terrifying
rewarding at the same time.

I'm not sure what I will be doing with this site in the future. Time
permiting it will most likely become an on-line journal for my
outspoken rants and raves. In the meantime please visit
www.outspoken.org to find out what a few of us are doing to
speak out for social justice.

Thanks for stopping by, 

Michael Davis


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