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February 8th, 2003

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Welcome all!!! There hasn't been many changes here for quite a long time, so
I decided to change almost everything. I'm still learning this HTML language
so just give be a little time. If you have any suggestions just mail me and
I'll see what I can do. In the following pages and links I'll be telling
ya about myself and about my friends and family. I hope that you like them!
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newIf ya want to read about my life and many things there of click here
globeIf ya want to return to GeoCities WestHollywood click here

Just so you do know this IS a GAY website, and some portions might offend
some of you. So if you don't want to read on then hit the back key on your
browser. If you'd like to read on then I welcome you to do so!

This page has been hit on times since our opening on July 18, 1996.

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